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Experience RETRO gaming today!

All NinjaKat consoles are priced and custom-built on request

If you want to know more, or are interested in getting your hands on your own NinjaKat, click the ‘Register Your Interest’ button to get started!

Powered by the amazing and tiny Raspberry Pi single board computer, NinjaKat has all you need to re-live your retro gaming memories, or introduce your kids to real gaming!

* From the arcades in the 80’s to consoles such as Super Nintendo, original PlayStation, and even computers like the Commodore 64 and Amiga, Raspberry Pi paired with the RetroPie operating system turns NinjaKat into a complete retro-gaming machine!

* You should obtain a license for any content installed (ie have an authentic copy) to be able to legally play/use installed games and applications. NinjaKat will not be held responsible for any unlawfully obtained content.

Features of all NinjaKat consoles:

  • Built from a 2-layer laser cut perspex, the NinjaKat design allows custom graphics to be inserted between the layers!
  • 8 inch Pimoroni 1024×768 IPS display (perfect ratio for retro games).
  • Pimoroni Arcade HAT allowing easy installation of buttons, joystick controls, power button, and speakers.
  • Slide-in and slide-out screen mount allowing optional vertical screen to be easily mounted.
  • Switchable back-lit marquee.
  • Dual USB ports on the front allowing easy access for external joystick and joypad controls, mouse, keyboard, or anything USB compatible with RetroPie!
  • Built-in power supply.
  • Easy access to internal controls through bottom panels.
  • Completely glue-free allowing easy disassembly.