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NinjaKat Product Information

NinjaKat consoles are built to provide the best retro experience possible with the embedded RertroPie-powered Raspberry Pi computer!

This image shows a hard disk extraction of my real Commodore Amiga operating system, extracted and installed on the MicroSD card in the NinjaKat! Via the front port I have the mouse and a USB NES controller (which is perfect for Amiga games). The keyboard is plugged in through the auxiliary port/hole on the back of the console.

This image also shows the back-lit marquee when it is switched on. Notice the red glow it creates on the bezel – just like the glow around the NinjaKat eyes!

All NinjaKat consoles are priced and custom-built on request.

If you want to know more, or are interested in getting your hands on your own NinjaKat, click the ‘Register Your Interest’ button to get started!

Using a no-glue design, the NinjaKat consoles are built with 2-layer laser-cut perspex for most panels, allowing custom artwork to be sandwiched between the layers. This design also allows for future changes to the artwork to be relatively easy!

The back of the NinjaKat shows the power button, power plug port, and accessory port/hole – useful for plugging in an Ethernet cable (if desired), or more USB devices (if the 2 on the front port are not enough!).

Inspired by my stand-up arcade machine, I built the NinjaKat to allow the screen to slide out. This makes it very easy to replace the screen with a vertically oriented screen, perfect for the old arcade games that use this orientation, such as Galaga and Galaxian!

Easily accessible bottom panels allow you to access ports, wiring, joystick and the raspberry pi board, if required.

Being able to slide out the screen also makes the inside of the NinjaKat extremely accessible.